Free credit reports now available weekly through April, 2021

Individuals have been able to receive free copies of their credit reports for some time now by ordering through Reports can be obtained from each of the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Federal law has required that the bureaus make these reports available to consumers once a year. You can, for example, request all three reports once a year or request a different report every four months. Most of the information on the reports will be duplicative but not always. Since mortgage lenders will typically obtain reports from all three bureaus, it is worth keeping an eye on what is reported.

Through April 2021, individuals will be able to get copies of their credit reports more frequently, up to weekly though the web site referenced above.

Note that these credit reports do not include credit scores. There are a number of places who will sell you credit scores and there are some free options, for example, Discover provides free credit scores to their credit card customers.