About our company and key staff

Wall Street Direct Mortgage combines the latest in technology with old-fashioned customer service. We serve the entire Sunshine State from our offices just south of historic Saint Augustine!

Christopher Meyer, Broker of Record and Senior Loan Officer

Christopher Meyer (NMLS 1267375) is our Broker of Record and senior Loan Officer. Chris has a role in every loan handled by our firm. He has over 30 years of experience as a loan officer. He has worked for a number of banks as well as other mortgage brokers. Chris also has an encyclopedic knowledge of the arcane rules and regulations that affect the lending business. He has a unmatched ability to match the financial capabilities of our customers to the loan products that best suit them.

When Chris is not trying to “hook” a great loan deal for one of his customers, he likes to spend time fishing off of his boat.

With the widest possible range of sources of loan funding, Wall Street Direct is well positioned to best meet the needs of our customers. Our funding sources are from all parts of the county and have disparate objectives. Matching borrower to lender is an art we have mastered.

Christopher Meyer, Broker of Record

Edward Pechan, CEO and Director of Technology and Quality Control

Edward Pechan (NMLS 1814912) is the CEO of Wall Street Direct Mortgage and is in charge of technology and quality control. Ed has over 35 years of experience in real estate as an investor, licensed real estate sales agent and broker and, more recently, as a licensed loan officer. He is also licensed as a Community Association Manager.

Ed is responsible for maintaining relations with our loan sources as well as keeping the company up to date on technology. This includes extensive use of facilities like e-signing and management of data in the cloud. Ed is also responsible for accounting as well as quarterly and annual reporting through the NMLS system.

Ed on his bike. If you ride along A1A on Anastasia Island, you might spot him early in the morning.

Collection and management of records has become a bigger and bigger part of the lending industry. Fortunately, most of these records can be maintained in a machine-readable form. At Wall Street Direct Mortgage, we have some of our records stored in the cloud so staff can access them from anywhere.

Ed Pechan, CEO